Cruisers tourists are very brave to choose the city of Fort Dauphin Madagascar to discover our cultural wealth; natural parks; landscapes; the most beautiful beach ...

For that, the city of Fort Dauphin remains the best choice for cruises.


Trip out

Sifaka'sFrom 8h am to 8h 30 am: Welcome to the port of Ehoala with the name of the client on paper

8h 30 am to 9h 15 am: It's time to go from the port of Ehoala to the Nahampoana reserve

This visit leads us to see the magnificent landscape at the foot of Montaigne Pic Saint Louis. Villages full of domestic animals such as zebus, chickens, geese ... decorated with fruit plants such as litchi, mango, jackfruit ... before arriving at the Nahampoana reserve

09.15 am to 11.15 am: Walking tour in the Nahampoana Reserve

It is the best botanical reserve of about 50 ha just 7 km from the city of Fort Dauphin or 14 km from Ehoala port  which is home to about 5 species of lemurs including 4 diurnal species such as sifaka’s, collared brown lemur, ring tailed lemur, bamboo lemur and a nocturnal species like mouse lemur.

11h 15 am to 11h 45 am: It is time to go from the Nahampoana reserve to the Libanona beach (The nice beach in the city)

11h 45 am to 3h 30 pm: 1- Relax on the libanona beach / or lunch time at the restaurant at LA REINE DU SUD.

2- Visit around the city (The Fort Dauphin bay / Center of the city / the fault galion bay or Ankoba / Handicraft market of the city, Monseigneur bay, the town market ....)

3:30 pm to 4:00 pm: It is time to leave the city to return to port.

What’s included?

- Service charge or service tour organization (S.T.O)
- Tour guide service;
- Entrance fee;
- Use of air conditioning according to the temperature of the day;
- Car fuel
- Mineral water so one bottle per person per day;
- Track service;

What’s not included?

- Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner;
- Visa


- Departure point : Ehoala port ; - And arrival point: Ehoala port
- Tour of fauna and flora, landscapes and the beautiful beach, our ancestral culture, meeting with locals people ...


Group size 1 - 2 people: $320, 00 USD

Group size 3 - 6 people: $150, 00 USD per person

Group size 7 - 12 people: $140, 00 USD per person


Group size 13 - 16 people: $130, 00 USD per person

Group size 17 - 21 people: $100, 00 USD per person

Group size more 21 people: $90, 00 USD per person