This canal was built at the beginning of the colonial era to 1896 by the first French Governor in MADAGASCAR: MARSHAL GALLIENI one hand to facilitate the transport of goods, on the other hand to control the region.
Originally, it is a waterway that extends of 625km north of FOULPOINTE until FARAFANGANA south. Currently some areas are impassable. Nevertheless, by boat is particularly scenic.

This waterway which connects over lakes and lagoons along the straight East Coast is slowly regaining its former importance with the dredging of the most clogged parts.
The flat-bottomed boats and motor groups of tourists travels regularly between TOAMASINA / TAPAKALA / Akanin’ny NOFY (nest of dreams) / AMBILA Lemaitso / VATOMANDRY / MAHANORO. The best access to Pangalanes is by Manambato on the shores of Lake Rasoabe.
The best seasons are from March to May and September to December. The East Coast circuits typically include two or three nights to Pangalana before continuing on Tamatave and Sainte Marie.

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