Pay your restaurant, or … with Western Union
MVOLA mobile money in Madagascar

Follow this step:

Step 1: Install the Western Union app on your smartphone or learn how to transfer money by Western Union with your computer (Let you see the video below !) !
2nd step: Ask for the Telma phone number and the national identity card of the seller or restaurant owner or beneficiary to make your money transfer by Western Union ( Check the address indicated on the beneficiary’s national identity card!).
Step 3: Take a seat in the restaurant and choose what you like to eat from the menu.
Step 4: Make known the bill for what you are going to eat before making the Western Union money transfer.

Step 5:

Perform your action to transfer the money as shown in this video and complete the form with the restaurant owner’s national identity card, … and his mobile money phone number (+26134……)

6th step:

Once your transfer action is complete; you have therefore received your MTCN code. Give it to the restaurateur or beneficiary with the sum of money in MGA (Malagasy Ariary) so that he can take the action of withdrawing money directly on his Telma mobile phone and record this money on his MVOLA account.

Step 7: Invite the restaurant to make a direct call with this

Shortcode:  # 111 * 1 * 7 * 3 * 1 * CODE MTCN WU (10 digits) * AMOUNT MGA #

(The phone number must be with Telma (+26134 … or 034 …), for example see on my phone number: +261342162452 or 0342162452)

8th step: The beneficiary performs by entering his secret code MVOLA (Mobile money) to directly receive your Western Union money transfer directly into his account.
9th step: The recipient will receive a message that there was their own money via Western Union to send by your name to their mobile phone.
10th step: Ask the beneficiary to see the message to verify that the transfer has been executed if not, ask him to go to the bank he has Western Union to make the withdrawal with his MTCN code.
N.B: You can also do this method even if you are going to pay even your light car rental or your room … so that you are peaceful during your unforgettable trip to Madagascar.

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XOOM and Mobile wallet +26132 …….

Sifaka'sHow to manage the money to make the payment using XOOM by PAYPAL in the ORANGE MONEY mobile account (Mobile wallet) of the provider, … without having cash and without going through the bank during the trip to Madagascar?

Follow this step to pay for your restaurant or…

with Xoom by PayPal and Mobile Wallet “Orange Money (+261 (0) 32…) in Madagascar!

Step 1: Install the xoom by paypal app on your smartphone or go directly by clicking this button below

Step 2: Once on the site, type in the first box the amount of money you want to send « Send amount » for example $ 200.00 USD and in the second box you will find the amount to be received in Malagasy Ariary « receiving amount ». Then click on « send now »

Step 3: You get to the confirmation step to let you know what you just did. Then click on « next »
Step 4: Make your choice by checking Mobile wallet  then click on « log in »
Step 5: The step that offers you to connect with paypal. Click on connect with paypal!
Warning: you must stop if you do not have a paypal account. I recommend that you open your account first and start over from step one. If you already have paypal account, please go to the next step.
Step 6: Enter your paypal email and password, then click « log in »

Step 7: Ask your beneficiary for his national identity card to be able to carry out the rest of the process.
Be careful, do not even make mistakes such as the first and last name or the address entered on the beneficiary’s national identity card so that you have successfully made the transfer.

Follow the rest to get you to complete the transaction for your beneficiary in Madagascar.

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