How can we clarify our experiences in order to increase our activity and attract more and more tourists to our country?

It is very simple! ; We have to do our TEAMWORK. "LONG LIVE FOR MADAGASCAR!!!"

The city of Fort Dauphin is ranked number 1 for the tourist destination of Madagascar.

All the worlds need us. But we need all the worlds. We are the only one on this planet, but we can not be alone if we make every effort to serve the world. The world changes as we do what people want. Let us go together to revitalize the problem of the development of our tourist activities.

It's up to you to think now.



It's very hard to do ... but it's easy even if you think what you are!?
We are here in this earth to be a passenger with very limited duration ".

So we must go to the discovery!

To make our surroundings known as the different types of our cultures, our environments, ...

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The strangest in the southern area of ​​Madagascar is the humid forest on the mountain next to the Indian Ocean (Wet Forest of Andohahela National Park); The dry forest next to the Indian Ocean (Dry Forest of Andohahela National Park), the intermediate forest alongside the Indian Ocean (Andohahela National Park Transition Forest); The spiny bush next to the meeting between the Indian Ocean and Mozambique Channel on the southern tip of Madagascar (Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve) and the dry forest next to Mozambique Channel (Tsimanampesotse National Park). All of these forests are very strange which are home to different types of animals, endemic and medicinal plants ... In addition, the scenery and beach in this place is very beautiful. But, do not forget for your discovery of our ancestral culture ... Perhaps, this is why the extreme south attracts a lot of visitor from Madagascar.

And you, why do not you choose for your first discovery here !?

It is the only way to see the whole world. Visit it! And enjoy your discovery with us! We will make the photo together with baobab, turtle (testudo radiata) and different types of lemurs.

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