"Narcisse Tours Discovery" is the best "TOUR OPERATOR OF MADAGASCAR" at the base of discovery trip created and managed by the experienced tour guide called RALAITIANY Jean Narcisse, experienced tour guide since 1998 to discover birds, lemurs, adventure , hiking, cultural heritage ... which works in close collaboration with many operators in the tourism sector, as in Madagascar and abroad.


Service tourThe tour guide “NARCISSE” has received multiple courses in the tourism sector (Travel agent, Tour Organization, Service tour, Ecotourism, trekking, etc…) organized by leading local and national specialized as: – Madagascar National Park;  – The Regional Tourism Office of Fort-Dauphin (O.R.T) ; – The National Institute of Tourism and Hotelery (INTH);  – Conservation Area Mandena; - Tsitongambarika rainforest park …


"Narcisse Tours Discovery" has more than 26 years of experience in the field of tourism. More than 777 tourists of different nationalities (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swiss, Chinese, researchers, etc…) from all over the world have been able to guide, exploit and organize in a pleasant and complete way the satisfaction.


Narcisse Tours OfficeIn its activity, “Narcisse Tours Discovery ” is:
– A key player in sustainable development in Madagascar
– An ambassador of the region, defender of its interests,
– Professional in its efforts and activities
– An educator and a sensitizer for the natural resources of the environment that presents

– Responsible for the accuracy of the information it delivers,
– Responsible for the safety and satisfaction of visitors
– Respectful of the Act with which it operates,
– Enthusiastic about the subject he treats,
– Eco-tourists and their motivations,
– Motivated to its customers spend a good unforgettable.



Narcisse is a member of:

– The Regional Tourist Office of Fort  Dauphin – Madagascar
– The National Federation of Tourist Guides of Madagascar
- Professional Tour Guide Association "P . T . G . A"

Rainforest Madagascar

Fort Dauphin and extreme south of Madagascar

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