Professional Tour Guide Association  or  "P.T.G.A"


The tourist guide is a humor artist, path indicator, sportsman, and master of the law and knowledge, talkative, travel guide, mastery of wisdom ... who is able to adapt his role with different Types of visitors in entire worlds. He is very proud in front of all these visitors that he is more than the best connoisseur of the world.

The tourist guide is a leading actor in the field of tourism during his trip. It plays a very important role with its service of welcome and accompaniment to have all the way possible for the tourists to have great unforgettable stays in Madagascar. But this activity is damaged because of a fake guide or guide that is not respected its activity during the work session.

There is many people had reason to be resolved on the issue at the level of the problem of guidance activity. In our opinion, we have set up this association called :

"P.T.G.A MADAGASCAR" (Professional Tour Guide Association - Madagascar) to have the very experienced guide with his profession of guidance to strengthen the professionalization of service.

The P.T.G.A (Professional Tour Guide Association) is an association of free lance guide managed by the Tour Guide & Operator "Narcisse Tours Discovery". Therefore, all members of this association must be required to follow and accept the settlement condition proposed by us. But anyway we have to provide more customers to all the members of this association anyway so that it moves with its exact profession to develop itself and bring more and more tourists to our country.

This is why the leader of the “Narcisse Tours Discovery (RALAITIANY Jean Narcisse) ” can judge and refer the member guide to the association what he has done with the madness to his visitors. “Narcisse Tours Discovery” is never the first one responsible for a great incredible madness what the guide has done as a serious problem to its visitors, not respecting the local ancestral culture of the village, non-compliance with the regulations for the Conservation of the environment, ...

OBJECTIVE of "Professional Tour Guide Association or P.T.G.A":

1-To restore the value of the guide to the level of its exact profession to develop and attract more and more tourists in our country.
2-To make the visitor a more memorable experience with his discovery tour
3-To increase the number of national and international visitors.
4-To make great strides of sustainable development in all areas that visitors have just made its way is to turn for its journey to discovery
5-To protect the environment
6- To protect our cultural heritage


The duration of "Professional Tour Guide Association or P.T.G.A is unlimited

N° 0173-17/PREF/T.RO/ASS


Even the guide rate, the entrance to the park, the hotel and the car rental ... are broken. You should never argue for the P.T.G.A group platform. You must stop today your unfair competition with this very intelligent and professional group because of his level of education, his aptitude for work, his behavior and his know-how on his trade ...

This group of guides awakens to find its exact value.

That is why it was said that  "it is not easy to be a member of this association even if you have a diploma or certificate or other ... to let us know in your evidence that you are able to do the guide service.

Tourist Guide

The Madagascar tour guide is an activity of trust

The Madagascar tour guide is an activity of trust.

That's why you have to fight with your own bad character, private gesture ... at home even when you're in front of your own visitors.

Play your role full of your gesture able to adapt according to what your visitors like very much. If your visitor is a pastor; your gesture must be adapted to Christianity even if you are Muslim. If your visitor is an ornithologist, your gesture should be adapted to people who is Birdwatchers. If your visitor is a reggae musician, your gesture must be reggae man...

We are not the best, but we would like to be more than the best.

We adapt to our own evolution by developing the field of guide with our association called "P.T.G.A or Professional Tour Guide Association" in order to lead the professionalization of guide on a high quality platform followed by the very precise computerization system and to make to know from the beginning the places to visit well to detail to satisfy the tourists before his trip with us. We therefore define our field of work as

"An area without borders in which freedom to guide in order to guarantee our guiding action to tourists during their unforgettable journey".

Regionalization is not experienced, but desired, and when they wish, they have the means to refuse this or that aspect. Advice without bad criteria, remember to maintain to improve our guide service if you want to increase the number of our visitors. We are not the best, but we would like to be more than the best.

The Madagascar tourist driver must listen to his guide during the discovery trip

Madagascar professional tourist guideThe Madagascar tourist driver must listen to his guide during the discovery trip. He must first ask the visitor or his guide before putting on his music louder. The tourist circuit is special for its visitor. This is why the driver must not stop to greet his colleague several times on the road. He plays to keep the baggage safe while his guide moves with his client. He has to adapt what his visitors want. It is forbidden for the driver to talk to his visitors, to call his friends ... during his activity to make the trip safer.

The minimum required to be a good tourist car driver is:
- The driver of the car must think several times in his head that the customer is a king. So, he must respect his tourist!
-Do not get on the steering wheel once the tourists get out of the car. Open his door to enter and close it! Or open his door to go out and close it!
-Do not let customers carry their luggage.
- It is better to have at least knowledge of the foreign language, cooking...
- The clothes must be adapted to the state of your course.
- Do not argue too much with the guide in front of the customers.
-Work in team with the guide and the inhabitants of the village.
- Do not forget to give more information on the mileage you have made per day so that customers can imagine their fuel consumption.
-Check the condition of your car at least one hour before departure.
-Inhibition of drinking alcohol during your stay with them.
-It is necessary to anticipate the unexpected on the road
-Do not smoke the cigarette in the car and be focused on the road during the trip.
-Respect the culture and tradition of local people
-Respect our environment!
-Inhibition of eating in the car during the work session

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