Points forts

- Visit to the Andohahela National Park (Circuit of the intermediate forest of Tsimelahy and the dry forest of Mangatsiaka)
- The Berenty reserve
- Visit to Evatra Point and the Lokaro creeks
- Landscape and beach of Sainte-Luce
- Meeting with the villagers
- Discovery of cultural heritage
- Wild animals of the area such as lemurs, ...
- Sporty outing by bike and pirogue
- Road lined with clove plantations, coffee and rice fields
- Pirogue on the Pangalana canal
- Photo on the baobab
- Passage over dry, intermediate and wet areas
- Camping in the village


This bike tour is offered to you to make your dreams come true, to live a unique and unforgettable experience in Madagascar.

Why not consider participating in this organization of a bike trek in the great south-east of Madagascar between Fort-Dauphin and Mahanoro for the year 2024?

This trip will allow you to discover breathtaking landscapes, meet villagers, see what is hidden in the parks of the intermediate forest, the dry forest... like lemurs, and take on a challenge.

But this bike ride isn’t a race anyway!

This is why the maximum mileage per day is between 50 km to 80 km for 3 to 6 hours. This movement of all participants is monitored by a surveillance motorcycle, a 4x4 surveillance car and a bicycle mechanic.


So everyone can take part in this journey of discovery by bike. In addition, the secondary trail is easy to do for all hikers.

This trip is divided into six itineraries so that participants can better understand the organization of the route but at total, the 18 days of cycling are compulsory for all participants:


Unplanned Route:
Two additional days to be reserved in case of fatigue of the participants or technical breakdown of the equipment... For this reason the itinerary may change due to the insertion of this additional day.

Route number I: Anôsy region

Day 1 (March 12, 2024): Fort-dauphin – Manambaro – Ranopiso – Ankariera – Tsimelahy

Around 7:30 a.m. after breakfast at the restaurant chosen by all participants or proposed by the organizer, all travelers' luggage must be packed in our 4x4 surveillance car which circulates behind all participants of the bike ride if the motorcycle remains circuit leader or sometimes arrives to see the rhythm of the participants to prevent them from getting lost along the way. The guide with his bike follows the motorcycle with all the participants behind him, offering stops to take photos or drink water. This is why the motorbike always stays in contact with the guide to resolve the participant's problem and reports both the 4x4 car and the organizer who stays inside if the participant has a problem like water for example or if he has anything to ask for in his luggage. . This RN13 road which joins the village of Akariera at around 50km for the junction towards the village of Tsimelahy with its secondary road at around 10km is rich in a magnificent landscape sheltered by the Anösy mountain range. Just off this road, like Tolagnaro in Ranopiso, you will find farmers working in their rice fields with their own zebus. And then you cross the road lined with intermediate forest from Akariera to Tsimelahy to finish this first stage by bike.

In the afternoon, it's a walk to see the wild animals or the landscape in a loop of about 3 and a half km in this intermediate forest of Tsimelahy in the Andohahela National Park. All participants can swim in the park's natural pool. But be careful not to slip on the very wet and blackened rocks, jump straight into the pool because it's really natural. We therefore do not know the piece of wood inside the swimming pool.

Day 2 (March 13, 2024): Cycling through the forest of Andohahela National Park (Tsimelahy intermediate forest to Mangatsiaka dry forest) – Ranomainty – Amboasary – Berenty reserve

Around 8:00 a.m. after breakfast, all participants ride the special cycle route from Tsimelahy Intermediate Forest to Mangatsiaka Dry Forest about 10 km from Andohahela National Park before arriving at Ranomainty village about 5 km away from Mangatsiaka if the car returns towards Akariera to take the RN13 and reach the village of Ranomainty to wait for all the participants. And after the group trip from Ranomainty to reach Amboasary and finish the stage in Berenty. The distance of this journey is therefore approximately 53 km.
All participants enjoy Berenty's good restaurant before making their circuit to see the park's animals in the afternoon. The hotel in Berenty is comfortable. So all participants benefit from their stopover in this magnificent place in the south of Madagascar.

Day 3 (March 14, 2024): Berenty – Amboasary – Ranomainty – Ankariera – Ankazofotsy

Around 7:30 a.m. after breakfast, we leave Berenty to reach the large sisal plantation of Amboasary and finish the stage at Ankazofotsy at the interpretation center of the Andohahela National Park, about 48km from Berenty.

Day 4 (March 15, 2024):
1st stage: Ankazofotsy – Ranopiso – Manambaro – Tolagnaro – Lanirano

Still around 7:30 a.m. we move our bike for a 50km journey to reach Lake Lanirano in Fort-Dauphin Madagascar for the starting point of this fabulous boat excursion on the freshwater canal towards the fishing village of Evatra.

2nd stage: Speedboat tour on the fresh water canal from Lanirano to Evatra village

No bike for this trip! So we stay sitting on the speedboat to see the beautiful landscape and wild birds like heron on this fresh water canal about an hour's journey and to quench the fatigue if the motorcycle and car continue through the road with our luggage to find ourselves at the Evatra camp.

3rd step: Visit all around Lokaro on foot

After our lunch, we walk around to see the creeks and swim in this magnificent bay of Lokaro to end our stage of the day in complete tranquility. The bivouac is therefore in Evatra.

Route number II: The RN12a from Fort-dauphin to Manakara

Day 5 (March 16, 2024): Fishing village of Evatra – Mandromondromotra – Mahatalaky – Manafiafy or Sainte-luce

Around 7:30 a.m. after breakfast, we resume the journey by bicycle with our motorcycle and surveillance car to reach the village of Mandromodromotra on the RN12a before arriving at Mahatalaky for the junction towards the fishing village of Sainte-Luce to taste again grilled lobsters offered by the villager or swimming on the beach. The route has approximately 60 km of markers full of magnificent landscapes highlighted by the village decorated with lychee plantations, mango trees... on the islet encircling the rice fields and sheltered by the Tsitongabarika mountain range. This journey shows us leaving the dry places of the south and bringing us back to the humid places of the east.

Day 6 (March 17, 2024): Sainte-Luce – Manambato – Manantenina

We take our bike again to continue the journey in this magnificent place specially classified for hikers to reach the village of Mahatalaky located on the RN12a. Then we continue the road passing through Iabakoho, Mananbato before arriving at Manantenina. It is therefore a route of approximately 85km which is very pretty and fun for all travelers thanks to the crossing in a roped and hand-pulled bac to travel on the river. Additionally, the people of the village are very welcoming and far from civilization and live best in their own little traveler's tree house. This journey can take around 6 hours driving time for the bike hiker with the picnic stop nearby near the bac crossing. The hotel in Manantenina is standard; We are therefore far from the comfort hotel.

Day 7 (March 18, 2024): Manantenina – Maroroy – Sandravinany – Manambondro

After Manantenina, we pedal the bike to continue its journey on this bad secondary road passing through the village of Maroroy, Befasy, Somisiky before arriving at the village Manambondro.

Our final route of 70 km remains parallel to the sea and the mountains if the right side is the sea and the left side is the mountain range.

The landscape is therefore fabulous, especially before arriving at Befasy or the Befasy road to reach Manambondro in a natural plain rich in small stones but without forest.

Day 8 (March 19, 2024): Manambondro – Masianaka – Vangaindrano

Have fun with our bike for this 60 km route bordered by the clove plantation passing through the village of Masianaka before reaching the town of Vangaindrano. Respect the culture of the people here once you pass, especially in the Masianaka river, because it is forbidden to wear red clothes... But in any case the villagers are very welcoming. Plus the landscape is magnificent. So you have to have fun taking a photo with them.

Day 9 (March 20, 2024): Vangaindrano – Farafangana

We are on the right road of about 75 km to reach the town of Farafangana. You must therefore always respect the highway code. The landscape of this route is different from the others because it is decorated with the large rice field. In addition, the village is very pretty, bordered by coffee plantations, jackfruit trees...

Day 10 (March 21, 2024): Farafangana – Vohipeno – Manakara

Around 6:30 a.m. we get back on our bike to tackle this good asphalt road for about 100 km passing through Vohipeno before arriving at the town of Manakara.

The landscape still remains unforgettable for this route. In addition, people are always very welcoming.

Additional Route:

The 2-day circuit organized by the participants if there is no technical problem or fatigue during the hike is the visit to the Ranomafana National Park with the night at the hotel on site not far from the park

Highlights: The rainforest of Ranomafana National Park

1st day: Manakara – Ranomafana road approximately 182 km by car for approximately 4 hours
2nd day: Return from Ranomafana to Manakara by car

Route number III: Pirogue on the Pangalana canal

Day 11 (March 22, 2024): Pirogue tour on the Pangalana canal from Manakara to Marofototra

No cycling on this journey of approximately 38 km for the first stage on this canal but we move by paddling on our pirogue helped by the fisherman to embark on this never forgotten adventure on these lands before reaching the village of Marofototra . But we sometimes stop in this magnificent place to take a souvenir photo and relieve fatigue.

Day 12 (March 23, 2024): Pirogue tour on the pangalana canal from Marofototra to Namorona

About 35 km to travel to push our pirogue on this canal lined with pandanus, elephant ears... before reaching the village of Namorona. But we sometimes make photo stops or a short 30-minute walk during this pirogue trip before finishing this second day.

Day 13 (March 24, 2024): Pirogue tour on the Pangalana canal from Namorona to Mananjary

Embark to complete this traditional pirogue excursion from Namorona to reach the town of Mananjary at a distance of approximately 45 km. During the stroll on this canal, you will be able to see different species of birds such as the Drongo, the kingfisher... In addition, the landscape always remains magnificent. We cross several villages side by side on this fabulous canal where we will witness several scenes of life such as those of the people who fish for crabs, shrimps or even those who transport local products...

Route number IV: Speedboat on the Pangalana canal

Day 14 (March 25, 2024): Speedboat tour on the Pangalana canal from Mananjary to Nosivarika

Around 7:00 a.m. we board our outboard boat to travel this canal which will pass through the village of Ambohitsara before reaching the village of Nosivarika. This speedboat ride is peaceful, far from moving our bike or pushing the pirogue. But anyway we are bothered by the noise of the engine during the journey. The canal offers us landscapes of daily life symbolized by a warm environment populated by legends and beliefs.

Day 15 (March 26, 2024): Speedboat tour on the pangalana canal from Nosivarika to Mahanoro

The journey on the canal continues with a visit to lush vegetation such as the bamboo forest, aquatic plants... On this canal the fishermen's pirogue crosses this green network of lakes and lagoons which form the famous canal. Passing the mouth of the river with its strong currents which contrast with the calm of the canal constitutes one of the highlights of this last day of navigation.

Route number V: The road from Mahanoro to Antananarivo by car

Day 16 (March 27, 2024): Road to Antananarivo via Vatomandry – Brickaville

Departure in the morning with the car for 380 km which is approximately 9 hours of driving via Brickaville and Moramanga to reach Antananarivo. The Antananarivo hotel is supported by the customer. This is the end of the organization.

Day 17 (....): Days to reserve to modify the itinerary to avoid surprises or unexpected trips.

Day 18 (....): Days to reserve to modify the itinerary to avoid surprises or unexpected trips.

March 29, 2024: End of service


1- We are expecting more than 12 participants for this cycling adventure! If the number of participants is less than 12 people, this tour automatically reaches !
2 - The payment method is made before the departure of this tour in Fort-dauphin Madagascar.
3- Reservation is required!
4- Pricing starts from $2,650.00 USD per person for a flat rate of 18 days.


- Starting point: Restaurant in Fort Dauphin;
-Arrival point: Hotel Antananarivo
- Car which connects Mahanoro to Antananarivo
- Type of tour: Bike ride and outboard boat ride or pirogue
- Visit of the fauna and flora, landscapes and the beautiful beach, our ancestral culture, meeting with the locals...
-Duration of the trip: 18 days
- Camping in villages
- We accept the travel agency client if he had clients of more than 15 people.
- Runners can participate but they must follow the organizations that we offer to bike hikers.
- Runners pay for their own 4x4 surveillance vehicle which is obligatory for all participants.
- Children over 14 years old can participate in this bike tour.
- Participants must follow our proposal if we take plan B due to bad weather or storms, particularly on the pangalana circuit between Manakara, Mananjary, Nosivarika and Mahanoro or other.
- If a participant falls ill, the right place to find the hospital is: Tolagnaro, Vangaindrano, Farafangana, Manakara, Mananjary…
- Costs and waiting in hospital for the sick participant are not at our disposal
- All participants must be responsible for their insurance
- The following places are possible to find a bank if the participant needs money: Tolagnaro, Vangaindrano, Farafangana, Manakara, Mananjary…
- All participants must be light on their bikes as we sometimes ride our trail in the rain.
- The surveillance car transports all the participants' luggage.
- Our camping meal is based on rice, beans, fish, chicken, vegetables, Chinese soup, etc.

What is included?

- Fee service or travel organization service (S.T.O);
- 7 nights at the hotel in either a double room or a twin room separated by two people;
- Tourist guide service;
- Admission fees ;
- A 4x4 car and motorcycle for surveillance during the journey;
- 4x4 car and motorcycle fuel;
- Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner;
- Mineral water, one bottle per person per day;
- Tracking service, bicycle mechanic, village kitchen agent, village campsite security, village tax...
-Food organization by my business
-Motorboat, pirogue on the canal;
-Boat driver, pirogue driver

What is not included?

- Local flight from Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin or Tolagnaro
- International flights to and from Ivato Antananarivo
- Visa
- All participants must have their own BICYCLE and TENT
- Hotel on arrival in Fort-Dauphin
- Emergency kit
-Additional 4x4 car rental with separate fuel from our organization is available to participants if they wish to have more or if they skip the stages of the route or abandon the circuit due to fatigue, bad weather or otherwise .
- Ranomafana national park circuit or other
- Manakara – Ranomafana and Ranomafana – Manakara itinerary

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