Mandena park7h 30mn to 8h00 am: Installation of the complete vehicle in the parking of the Ehoala port to welcome the tourists coming from the cruise ship.
8:00 am: Departure of minibus vehicles to the Mandena conservation zone
8:00 am to 8:45 am: Our trip with photo stops to reach the Mandena littoral forest.
8h45mn am: The starting preparation for the circuit of the Mandena conservation zone.
8h45mn to 10h15mn am: Guided tour about 1h30mn in this beautiful place
The Mandena conservation zone offers a botanical tour through the coastal forest, a motorized tour of the river with stilt trees and a visit to the marshy area. The interpretation center and the nursery are very interesting. These 200 hectares preserve a particular habitat.
10h15mn to 11h30mn am: Return to the port of Fort Dauphin
11h30mn am: Arrival at the parking lot of Port Ehoala Fort Dauphin

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