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This circuit takes you to see 360° so that this unique place in Madagascar can find the whole world. You will be able to see our ancestral culture, the magnificent landscape, the park rich in wild animals, the different types of beaches and the plantations such as rice, sisal, corn, cassava... with its incredible natural beauty. . . far from civilization. Thus, you will be able to see the three worlds in one place in the region of Tôlanaro Madagascar.

Finally, this circuit is accessible to different types of tourists. But sometimes tourists have to adapt to the road trip and camp in the dry forest of Ihazofotsy Andohahela National Park. Sometimes there is hiking but it is not very difficult for all types of tourists. Very highly recommended tour for bird watchers who like to see the different types of birds in the dry forest.


Cultural heritage
Camping with tent in Ihazofotsy Park
Observation of lemurs and birds in the park
Meeting with the villagers
Malagasy food
Lemur Cave (Ekapahaky)
Magnificent landscape and beach
The sacred creek Andrahoma

Andohahela National Park:
- Ihazofotsy dry forest;
- Mangatsiaka (dry forest);
- Tsimelahy (medium forest))


DAY 1: Fort Dauphin - Ranopiso - Agnalapatsy - Sacred cove Andrahoma - Ekapahaky cave - Belay - Andranobory - Etsovela – Amboasary – Ankirihiry - Ihazofotsy 

With our 4x4 car, we take the road to Amboasary via the coast from Ranopiso to reach Agnalapatsy, Belay, Andranobory, the coast of Anony lake and finish at the Ihazofotsy Andohahela National Park to camp after the town of Amboasary and the village of Ankirihiry.

With this first stage of the circuit we get to see the two different mountains because to the east it is the humid forest and to the west it is the semi-arid forest as on the mountain side by side on the Agnalapatsy track. This eastern mountain of Lavasoa also embellishes the rice field, the river... with its amazing landscapes.

At the end, we arrive at the fishing village Agnalapatsy with our various photo stops on the slightly damaged and sandy track. We make picnic stops or fish grilled by the fishermen if the fishing is good at Andrahoma beach after the village of Agnalapatsy. Following our stop, we continue to see this fabulous and very amazing Ekapahaky cave known in places to find the fossils of giant lemurs and turtles of the time.

Around 2 p.m. in the afternoon, we leave this magnificent place to follow the coastal track, see the landscape of Lake Anony from afar, cross the large sisal plantation field and end our day at the dry forest of Ihazofotsy after passing from the city to Amboasary and the village of Ankirihiry.

DAY 2:  Ihazofotsy Andohahela national park

In this park, there are places to visit, the first is the gallery forest near the Mananara river and the Ihazofotsy village. It is the best place to discover nocturnal lemurs like mouse lemurs and also see the freshwater turtle.

The second is the dry forest, which is home to many wild animals such as lemurs, birds, reptiles, … Moreover, the landscape of this place is very amazing, especially at sunrise.

I highly recommend this Ihazofotsy circuit to discover because of its natural richness because everything in the park is very easy to see even if it is wild. This place is therefore still well protected and the groups of lemurs will welcome you if you are inside this dry forest.

DAY 3 : Ihazofotsy - Ankirihiry - Amboasary - Mangatsiaka (Dry forest of Andohahela National Park) - Tsimelahy (Intermediate forest of Andohahela National Park) - Fort Dauphin

We leave our famous Ihazofotsy park to reach Amboasary. Moreover, we continue our route by the national road 13 which is very damaged but crosses the park of Andohahela before taking our bifurcation at Ranomainty to join the dry forest of the national park of Mangatsiaka Andohahela.

Our visit to this Mangatsiaka park takes about 2 hours to fill in what is not seen at Ihazofotsy park. Attention, the baobab is also waiting for us to show us its size and its beauty in the middle of the dry forest either at Ihazofotsy park or at Mangatsiaka or at Tsimelahy park so that we can make photo stops.

Once our visit is over, we get back in our car to reach the village of Ranomainty a second time and continue our journey by the RN13 before reaching the junction of Ankariera towards the intermediate forest of Tsimelahy.

The Tsimelahy forest is well known for its very beautiful landscape and its natural swimming pool. In addition, we also take advantage of the visit to fully understand the real difference between the dry forest of Ihazofotsy and the intermediate forest of Tsimelahy. In addition, we take the opportunity to swim in its natural swimming pool.

Around 3:00 p.m. we leave this place of the National park of Andohahela to join our city in Tolanaro Madagascar.


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- Service charge or Service Tour Organization (S.T.O);
- 2 nights of camping in the park
- Entrance fee; - Tour guide service; - Track service;
- A 4x4 car wagon for 4 participants during the trip;
- Use of air conditioning according to the temperature of the day;
- Car fuel 4x4 wagon;
- Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner;
- Mineral water so one bottle per person per day;
-Food organization by my stuff



- Local flight from Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin and from Fort Dauphin to Antananarivo
- International flights to and from Ivato Antananarivo
- Visa


- Point of departure and arrival point: Fort Dauphin;
- Tour of fauna and flora, landscapes and the beautiful beach, our ancestral culture, meeting with locals...


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