26 November 2016

Lepilemuridae Family


It is possible to find the weasel sportive lemur in a number of the protected areas listed above, but there is no single best site that ensures encountering it in the wild. It is important to look for their telltale eye shine at night in the middle to upper levels of the canopy. They can also be located during the day in sleeping sites that are sometimes only a few meters above the ground. The use of experienced local guides is highly recommended, since they typically know of several regularly used sleeping holes or vine tangles that offer good viewing conditions.


Small-toothed sportive lemurs are perhaps most easily seen in the ANALAMAZAOTRA SPECIAL Reserve (during the warmer months) and at RANOMAFANA NATIONAL. Although tourists typically do not visit this region of the park, arrangements for nocturnal hikes can be arranged with us at the park headquarters.


The easiest place to see white–footed sportive lemur is in Mangatsiaka spiny forest of the ANDOHAHELA NATIONAL PARK around 60km from Fort Dauphin and 15km from Ankazofotsy interpretation center.


The best opportunity for viewing the red-tailed sportive lemur is the KIRINDY FOREST NORTH OF MORONDAVA, where it is sympatric with four other nocturnal lemur genera (Microcebus, cheirogaleus, Mirza and phaner) and easily seen at night and sometimes during the day as well.


This specie is most readily seen at the AMPIJOROA STATION in ANKARAFANTSIKA NATIONAL PARK, located along the main road from Antananarive to Majunga. It is easily located at night by its eye shine and vocalizations, and can often be found in tree holes during the day as well, at times only a few meters above the ground.


This species is most readily seen in the LOKOBE STRICT NATURE RESERVE on the island of NOSY BE. Several tours visit forests around this reserve and local guides usually know the whereabouts of daytime sleeping sites a few meters above the ground where the animal is quite easy to observe.


This species is readily seen in both MONTAGNE D’AMBRE NATIONAL PARK (especially near the station des Roussettes) and in the ANKARANA SPECIAL RESERVE, where it can be quite visible and vocal at certain times of the year. In the latter, it can be observed in the canyon forest, the “campement des Anglais”, and in forest near the Mahamasina entrance.


This lemur is very difficult to locate in the wild. One individual was recently observed in a small forest patch in the middle of Eucalyptus plantations 5.4 km to the northwest of the village of ANKARONGANA, which is located along the road to IRODO on the coast, and it may occur in the very limited forest at the edge and on top of the ANDRAHONA outcrop and perhaps in other tiny forest patches north of MADAIROBE. However, finding this animal is difficult and not recommended for first-time visitors to Madagascar. In any case, the use of experienced guides and local villagers is essential.

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