7h 30mn to 8h00 am: Installation of the complete vehicle in the parking of the Ehoala port to welcome the tourists coming from the cruise ship.
8h00 am: Departure of 4x4 vehicles to join the ARBORETUM BOTANICAL GARDEN about 48km from Fort Dauphin.
8h00 to 10h00mn am: Our trip with stops in photo to reach the Botanical Garden of the arboretum.
10h00mn am: The starting preparation for the Arboretum botanical garden circuit
Created in the 1980s and restored by the SEAR (Malagasy subsidiary of Fabre stone laboratories), the arboretum contains 160 species of which 60 are endemic in southern Madagascar. Adjacent to the arboretum are the processing areas of the periwinkle that SEAR produces for pharmaceutical purposes (anti-cancer drugs). Approximately 40,000 households in Anôsy and Androy benefit from additional income through the sale of Madagascar periwinkle (pervenche de Madagascar).
10:00 am to 12:00 am: Guided tour about 2 hours of time in this beautiful place.
12:00 am to 1h00 pm: It's time to take our sandwiches
1h00 pm to 3h00 pm: Return to the port of Fort Dauphin
3h00 pm: Arrival at the Ehoala port parking of Fort Dauphin