6 March 2017

Hiking in Tsitongambarika mountain(Ranomafana-Tsagnoria Fort Dauphin)

Tour 12:Hiking in Tsitongambarika mountain: -"Proposed tour for 3 days"

Step 1: Fort Dauphin - Andohahela National Park (Manangotry rain forest) -Ranomafana

This tour leads to the tourist wanting to make known the beauty of Fort Dauphin with its different types of village bordered by the mountain range and the rice fields. We go in first stage with our 4x4 vehicle to first join the wet forest of Manangotry (Parcel n ° 1 of the National Park Andohahela) for 48 km. Then we visit on foot about 2 hours’ time to publicize what can be seen in different types of animal species especially birds such as red tailed newtonia, ... and plant species in this very virgin forest very Humid in the world before reaching the village of Ranomafana 75 km from Fort Dauphin. That's why we invite you to discover the village of Ranomafana with its unique view just to be noted and do not forget to visit the natural hot spring. We are poor, but we are rich with nature as the god that offers us.

2 nd stage: mountain hiking Tsitongambarika

We leave our village of Ranomafana to reach Tsagnoria by going up and down the mountains of Tsitongambarika to arrive on the other side. This mountain is very beautiful with its view of the village, the mountain range, the Indian Ocean, the very moist virgin forest ... But we must be careful with our bad road because it is not well preserved. Sometimes, we cross the trader of the villagers coming from Sainte Luce to sell his fresh fish in Ranomafana. At the top, you can see all around. Think about this hiking itinerary about 8 hours long.

3rd stage: Tsagnoria - Mahatalaky - Sainte Luce bay - Fort Dauphin

To finish our hikes, we leave the village of Tsagnoria with our 4x4 vehicle to reach the bay of Sainte Luce. We relax here to swim and to see its beautiful landscapes before joining our town of Fort Dauphin. Fort Dauphin is the only unique place in the world that offers tourists what they want to do in their journey to our country. Visit Madagascar and choose Fort Dauphin for the foreground of your trip.