What is the Tour Guide & Operator !?

As the last interface (final actor) between the tourist and the product, the guide plays a key role in the development, presentation and effective sale of the tourist package. It is the one that welcomes visitors and ensures the smooth running of their stay. It is the one that serves as a communication link and a relationship between the countries (the locality) visited and the tourists, just as an ambassador is between two allied countries. Like the ambassador, he has functions inherent in his profession.


To be a guide, it is not a job but a lifestyle !

Madagascar Tour operator

Representations: represents the country...
Presentation: Introducing the country (culture, facets ...), the company
Animation: animate the group, animate the activities
Security: safety of the guide, tourists...
Assistance: tourists, staff, partners.
Compliance with laws: Within the cultural / social, legal, conventional, legitimate ... at the individual, local, international level
Organization: From the preparation and the smooth running of the tour, the win-win impact
Promotion: locality, destination, company
Federation: bringing the group to solidarity. Creation of group dynamics
Enthusiasm: conveying enthusiasm to the group, the team, the partners...
Information: tourists, locality, entities

Tasks :

  1. A-Before: OFFICE WORKS:
    Organization and preparation of the tour
    Information for optimization-Promotion
    Personal information and documentation
  2. B-During: FIELD WORKS:
    Assistance and coaching
    Accompaniment and animation
    Education and Information
    Monitoring and Advice
    Auxiliary Tasks
  3. C- After: "HOUSE" WORKS:
    Evaluation, analysis and reporting
    Information, Research
Tour opérateur Tolagnaro

We often tend to minimize this last part of the guide's spots, yet it is the most important in relation to the perpetuation of the activity: product improvement, continuity of actions, ... and understanding of the product.


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