How can we clarify our experiences in order to increase our activity and attract more and more tourists to our country?

It is very simple! ; We have to do our TEAMWORK. "LONG LIVE FOR MADAGASCAR!!!"

The city of Fort Dauphin is ranked number 1 for the tourist destination of Madagascar.

All the worlds need us. But we need all the worlds. We are the only one on this planet, but we can not be alone if we make every effort to serve the world. The world changes as we do what people want. Let us go together to revitalize the problem of the development of our tourist activities.

It's up to you to think now.



It's very hard to do ... but it's easy even if you think what you are!?
We are here in this earth to be a passenger with very limited duration ".

So we must go to the discovery!

To make our surroundings known as the different types of our cultures, our environments, ...

We offer maximum service so that everyone is tourist companies, Internet users; travelers ... have more and more advantages with our existence on our site.

That's why we offer you a free localization of the different types of commercial content according to their photos here.

But in any case, it is us who manages the design, the realization ... to avoid any technical problem on our site.Now prepare and distribute your content.The question is how to distribute your content!

Our formula is very simple:

First: Contact us by e-mail or by phone;
Second: Explain what you like to do! ;
Third: we put your content on our site (location in the team work menu);
Fourth: You can see your advertisement on our site.

How to pay!?

Normally, we do not ask for money. But we lose time for the realization, the design...Therefore, we only ask you for a small participation to be sure.