The peninsula of Fort Dauphin and its surroundings remains for the places to discover for the tourists want to make known totally the natural beauty, the landscapes and the magnificent beach, the culture ...

Travel to Fort Dauphin ! Do not forget your discovery by visiting Evatra Point and Lokaro Creek with us!

Idyllic ideal for swimming and diving!; Numerous islands including the Sainte Claire nearby!; Discovery of carnivorous plants: THE NEPENTHES

By boat or pirogue from the lake Lanirano through Aroyos (river channel) that penetrate the heart of aquatic vegetation made of pandanus, ravinala, elephant ears plant... The water stream, we find many species of birds and fishermen on their boat.

The “Aroyos” lead Ambavarano lake and can land near the fishing village Evatra, then a walking tour  can be achieved with a scenic trail along the coast, the creek and Lokaro bay .