We invite you to click on the button below to calculate your budget for the package of your trip with us. Then, do not hesitate to let us know your calculation.

N.B: Porter service: US $ 9; Pister service: US $ 9; Entry fees in the park: minimum US $ 6 and maximum US $ 27 per day; Hôtel: between US $ 27 to US $ 87; Additional rate according to the demand of customers in the middle of the road for the use of the air conditioning of our vehicle: US $ 16 / day / vehicle; Stuff local for cooking: US $ 9 ; Excess Kilometer: 2km for US $ 1 ;  S.T.O (Service Tour Organization) : US $ 6 / day/person or US $ 3 / ½ day/person.


Our conditions:

Article 1- "Tour Operators or travel agency" may sell their dependent offers at their own pace
Article 2-By our method, we give all customers our tariffs in detail, but it is not all mandatory
Article 3-Subsequently, customers can calculate the following package by "our tariff form"
Article 4-Quote the circuit you must discover; You should know that we can also calculate our rate with "rate form".
Article 5-Customers offer us their own price in package so that we can validate
Article 6-We do not fix our own rate because we have a lot of circuit to offer what tourists, researcher, businessmen ... want.
Article 7-The contract begins once we accept our package

1-The coordinates of your beneficiary in Madagascar:

First name: Jean Narcisse
National Identity Card (C.I.N): 515011020930
Telma Phone: +261342162452
E-mail: narcisse.tourguide@gmail.com

2- Go to the nearest Western Union point of sale with your ID, or you can transfer your money online via the Western Union website.

Fill in the form "To send money" with the following information: name, first name and Telma phone number of the beneficiary, as well as your name and first name (as they appear on the identity papers).

Submit the form, valid ID and the money to be transferred to the Western Union Agent. Then pay a transfer fee.

The Western Union Agent enters your transfer information into the system and confirms that your money has been sent. Agent Western Union gives you a copy of the form.
Contact your beneficiary to inform them that you have sent them a Western Union MVola Money Transfer and give them the amount sent and the Money Transfer Code (MTCN) so that they can withdraw the money sent.
The beneficiary takes the necessary steps to recover your transfer: either directly on his phone or at a Western Union point of sale.
The recipient receives money directly from his  MVola Telma mobile account and a notification SMS.

Note to inform the travel estimate:

I received many queries for the organization with the accompaniment of "Tour Guide & Operator" for his tourist trip of less than 10 days wants to do other place like Antananarivo, Morondava...
We are here to answer the satisfaction of visitors for their choice of trip to Madagascar. But with this demand condition of less than 10 days from another place outside of Fort Dauphin, the extreme south, the south east of Madagascar…, we offer the price of the tour guide and organizational expenses or S.T.O at 10-day package.
For example:
Boniface and his wife want to make their circuit of Antananarivo and the park Mantadia for 4 days. They contacted the rate for his trip with us. That's why we give our guide fee and S.TO in 10 days to the packing, even if it's 4 days. The guide fee and S.T.O or the organization fee for his / her trip over 4 days is US $ 520; So ([(US $ 40 (for Guide Service)] + [ (US $ 6 x 2 person)( for S.T.O)]) x 10 days).