Holiday at some of the most beautiful beaches, witness the surreal looking landscape, meet innocent local people, visit the tombs decorate with the Aloalo, the different Baobab trees, and watch out for diverse wildlife.

Why do not you choose the Andohahela National Park (Mangatsiaka Dry Forest, Tsimelahy Intermediate Forest, Ankazofotsy Transition Forest and Manangotry Rain Forest)!?

Discover it for your stay in Fort Dauphin Madagascar !!!

The 76,020 ha of this former reserve WWF (World Wildlife Fund) became a National Park in the 1997; Combining Trafonomby, Andohahela and Vohidagoro Mountains. It is divided into three parcels distances of tens of kilometers.


(2 hours of walk), drill transition most famous because of beautiful scenery, flowers pacchypodium, baobab, the origin of palm trihedral and the opportunity to swim in the natural pool.


The CIRCUIT "LAFA" of 1.1km located in the heart of an intermediate forest (Vegetation wet and dry forest)populated ring-tailed lemurs. Relax area under large trees. The circuit "TANTELISAROTRA" of 4.2km from well appointed and browsing in hours has a good drop. A gazebo midterm offers stunning views of the surroundings and their typical vegetation of dry forest mountains. Circuit through or flourishes palm triède. Pacchypodium lamerei, incarina grandidieri, didieracees...


(2hrs 30mins of walk), thorny bush can to see many species of plants and animals as Verreaux’s Sifaka, great white lemurs are among the most agile acrobats, is no less fascinating. It’s early in the morning (5am-8 30 am) and late afternoon and dusk the forest reveal all its secrets.


(2 hours of walk), one of the southiest of the old world. After your visit to this park, you can continue up the valley to see the RANOMAFANA thermal source and its beautiful village enclosed by the mountain range.