Discover Tour from Fort Dauphin to Diégo Suarez

Tour 10:Fort Dauphin to Diego Suarez

- Proposed tour for 31 days

Day 1: Fort Dauphin - Andohahela National Park and Ambovobe

This drive leads from us in one place to be able to discover the three very different world of Andohahela National Park: Wet forest, dry forest, intermediate forest.
Fort Dauphin is the end of the east coast of Madagascar: The wetter coast; and the beginning of the semi-arid coast: the extreme south.

Day 2: AMBOVOBE –TSIHOMBE –Nice beach of “FAUX CAP “

Ambovobe,Tsihombe,Faux Cap... is very popular especially at the level of Malagasy culture. Anyway, we talk about the landscape and the most beautiful beach of Faux Cap. But we never forget to speak our ancestral croyance when we go past on side of the tombs decorated by zebu cornes, aloalo (carved wood) ... and reading by imagination of different types of photos.It is sacred.Respect it so much! If not, you pay penalty for re-sacred our tombs again with many zebu.

Day 3: “FAUX CAP”- “CAP SAINTE MARIE” special reserve - Lavanono

We just enjoyed the most beautiful beach and the scenery of Faux Cap. We are to continue our journey by the coast full of thorny bush and baobab. The south is the territory until now of testudo radiata (tortoise). We move less with our vehicle because it is the tortoise that plays the role of police of the road. One respects nature even when one is there for the journey discovered. We visit the Cap Sainte Marie reserve (before the cap and the sacred cave) before reaching the most beautiful beach of lavanono known around the world for surfing and kite surfing.


We return to discover the semi-arid places full of animals like lemurs, the different types of virgin forest with baobab, the beaches lined with the thorny bush; the discovery to make known our ancestral culture. That is why we arrive at our goal of discovery for the south of Madagascar.For that we propose you quietly towards Fort Dauphin to see other objective. We go together. And we go back together!

Day 5: Tour by boat or pirogue from Lanirano to Evatra and tour by foot around the lokaro creek and Evatra point

After our visit of the southern point of Madagascar, we move for the tour in lokaro. This is the best place to visit because of this beautiful scenery and wild creek. This is my best tour to choose from to make it known to you.

Day 6: Lokaro -Mananantenina-Sandravinany

This is the first step for us to start the real adventure of discovery in wet places with our driver. It is ideal with beautiful scenery lined with fruit plants like litchis, mangoes, sheltered by the mountain range. It is my best idea for you to propose this circuit all close to the sea but it is not far from the mountain. It is a true discovery adventure of Madagascar.

Day 7: Sandravinany - Vangaindrano - Farafangana

There you go! At the end, one arrives in places full of girofle forests and rice fields. From lokaro of Fort dauphin to vangaindrano, we have just passed by the secondary track and ten bac to cross. Most house in this place made with traveler palm trees(ravinala). The people of the village live in authenticity with its ancestral culture.

Day 8: Around Farafangana and Manakara

Have fun for Farafangana beach before we head for Manakara. This is the end of Pangalana Canal.
Around 2 pm, we arrive in Manakara. We relax here to enrich our journey of discovery of social culture, nature, history…Enjoy you for the city and the beach of Manakara

Day 9: Manakara - Visit Ranomafana National Park - Ranomafana hôtel

After Manakara, we will reach the Ranomafana National Park. It is the wet forest full of animals like lemurs and different types of birds.

Day 10: Ranomafana - Back to Mananjary

We come from our visit in Ranomafana. So we go back to the east coast

Day 11: Pangalana channel and Ambavasahavato village

Tour on boat or pirogue by the channel of Pangalana to get up in Ambavasahavato village for camping site.


We leave the East Coast. We cross the mountain to reach the high land of Madagascar. At the end we arrive at Ambositra.


We are on the mountain, the coldest places in Madagascar. But in any case, we will join the west coast of Morondava. The road is good.

Day 14: Relax in MORONDAVA

After a great trip with our 4X4 vehicle, we will make stops here for relaxing. But you can still see the town and the quiet beach. But we are working to do some maintenance of us vehicle.


We take the secondary trail decorated by the baobab before we reach Belo. We continue our journey on this trail. And in the end, we arrive in Bekopaka.


This is the best known for their amazing knife-like karts out crops. The forests surrounding these strange formations are particularly good for decken’s sifaka (Propithecus deckenii) and for the rufous brown lemur (Eulemur rufus),and there is a chance of seeing the elusive western lesser bamboo lemur (Hapalemur occidentalis) in stands of the bamboo. This is also only place where one can see the recently-described Bemaraha woolly lemur (Avahi cleesei) and probably the best site for pygmy mouse lemur (Microcebus myoxinus).


After our visit to Bekopaka, we take our vehicle back to Morondava. We can still see the magnificent landscape for this road especially the alleé baobab. Enjoy it!


The landscape on the west coast has never been forgotten. But, we go on to see more. The objective is to see the discovery of the whole island. We continue our journey from Morondava to join the capital of Madagascar (Antananarivo).


We're not staying here. We continue our journey of discovery towards the East. It is the best day to see the highland landscape of Madagascar.


At the end, we arrive in this park Analamazaotra.This is one of the most frequently visited sites in Madagascar, one of the easiest to reach, and one of the best places to observe lemurs in the entire country. It is located right next to the village of Andasibe, which is also sometimes referred to as Périnet (actually the Name of the train station).Analamazaotra is located about 145km East of Antananarivo on RN2 (Madagascar’s best road and the highway to the coast) and can be reached in 2.4-5 hours by car, depending on traffic. This park contains mostly mid-altitude Montaigne rainforest at 900-1,250 m but covers a mere 810 ha. However, it is immediately adjacent to the much larger Mantadia National Park and several other important forests, such as Maromizaha and vohidrazana.


After on this area, we continuous for us discover tour to the north west of Madagascar by the main highway. At the end, we arrive in the Ankarafantsika National Park.


The three diurnal lemurs that are easily seen on this park like the common brown lemur, the mongoose lemur, and  Coquerel’s  sifaka .In the night tour, you can see depend of your chance the five species of the lemurs: golden -brown mouse lemur, the gray mouse lemur, the fat-tailed dwarf lemur, milne-edward’s sportive lemur, western woolly lemur.


Majunga is around two hour drive (115 km) from Ankarafantsika National Park. It is the big city in the north west of Madagascar. You can easily reach some interesting sites: the famous baobab, old of more than 700 years, which is the pride of the city; the caiman peak promontory and its pretty view of the bay; the old port, in agony since the dhows and coolies that once animated it have disappeared. Between the quays and the avenue de France, the old quarter of Majunga deserves a walk for its ghost town atmosphere and the retro charm of its Indo-Arab shop.


The port of embarkation to win from Nosy Be is in Antsahapano. This location can be reached by our vehicle from Ambanja. Two types of craft commute. Small wooden boats leave when they are full; the tank that can carry vehicles follows a fixed schedule depending on the tides. It takes about 2 or 3 hours to drive.


Nosy be is a volcanic island covered with many mountains or ancient craters form natural lakes. Nicknamed "the island of perfumes" because of its cultures of ylang-ylang, sugar cane, coffee, vanilla, pepper and other spices, the island deserves a reputation as a small paradise. Climate balanced, warm and calm sea, seabed of an exceptional richness, dream beaches, enchanting landscapes...


We make stops here to relax for two days (26th days and 27th days). But tourists can do whatever they want according to their personal organization. But our team typically the driver does the maintenance for the car for two days.

27: Visit of NOSY KOMBA or NOSY LOKOBE (depending on your personal organization.)

You are in a free neighborhood. You can enjoy the visit of Nosy be according to your personal organization


We go back for our discovery tour to Ambanja before heading for the Diégo Suarez road.


We continue our discovery with our car to the north. Several sites deserve a stop for this road . The village of Anivorano Avaratra is the closest locality to the sacred lake of Antanavo.

Day 30: Relax in DIEGO SUAREZ

At the end, we arrive at Diégo Suarez. We relax here for a day before to continue visiting Amber Mountain National Park. But you can do whatever you want with your own personal organization.

Day 31: Visit of “MONTAGNE D’AMBRE “National Park

The Montagne d’Ambre forest complex, including the national park and reserve, is easily reached by car from Diego Suarez, a trip that takes about 45 mn to one hour. Daylight hikes close to the main campsite near the forestry station (les Roussettes) and to the viewpoint overlooking the grand cascade typically lead to encounters with groups of crowned lemurs (Eulemur coronatus) and Sandford’s brown lemur (Eulemur sanfordi).This park is also one of the best places in Madagascar to see endemic carnivores, including Galidia elegans and perhaps even the very rare Eupleres goudoti