Fort Dauphin to Farafangana by south east coast

Tour 4:Fort Dauphin to Farafangana by south east coast:Proposed tour for 2 days

Day 1:Fort Dauphin-Manantenina-Sandravinany

route sandravinanyThis is the first step for us to start the real adventure of discovery in wet places with our driver. It is ideal with beautiful scenery lined with fruit plants like litchis, mangoes, sheltered by the mountain range. It is my best idea for you to propose this circuit all close to the sea but it is not far from the mountain. It is a true discovery adventure of Madagascar.

Day 2:Sandravinany-Masianaka-Vangaindrano-Farafangana

Bac masianakyThere you go! At the end, one arrives in places full of girofle forests and rice fields. From lokaro of Fort dauphin to vangaindrano, we have just passed by the secondary track and ten bac to cross. Most house in this place made with traveler palm trees(ravinala). The people of the village live in authenticity with its ancestral culture.