Fort Dauphin to Mananjary by south East coast

Tour 7:

Fort Dauphin to Mananjary by south East coast Proposed tour for 6 days

And what more of your choice to fulfill what you like about our discovery of Fort Dauphin in Mananjary by the south-east coast of Madagascar?

Madagascar Professional Tours Guide

Day 1 : Fort Dauphin –visit of Nahampoana lemurs reserve-Manantenina

This RN12a secondary track becomes the usual place for discovery tourists to get acquainted with our ancient culture and the wild landscape bordered by the Tsitongambarika Park and Indian Ocean mountain range. It is ranked the wettest place in Madagascar. Most of the house made with leaves of the plant is called Ravinala Madagascariensis or we can also say the tree of the traveler. The village is full of chicken, zebus, geese ... which are decorated with lychees, mangoes, jackfruits ... We crossed the river several times with his ferry before arriving at the village of Manantenina. Beside our organization, we want tourists to arrive to discover what is on this south-east coast of Madagascar. For this, we want to offer you to visit the Nahampoana reserve, full of lemurs such as brown lemur, sifaka’s, bamboo lemur, ring-tailed-lemur ... before continuing our tour in Manantenina. The customer can make his first breakfast at Fort Dauphin before leaving if lunch is en route. But in any case, we suggest eating sandwiches for lunch once we stop to cross our 4x4 vehicle by ferry. This ferry puts us late for this route about 110 km from Manantenina.

The hotel room in Manantenina is not really very comfortable like the room in Fort Dauphin but you can sleep anyway to spend the night. Otherwise, bring your own tent and we suggest you to camp in the place full of beautiful landscapes and the beach of the fishing village of Ampasamasay about 5 km from the junction before arriving at Manantenina. Make your choice for this visit because it is very pretty to do among our itinerary of proposal to the discovery of Madagascar. And choose us for your partner of this adventure trip!

Day 2:Manantenina-Sandravinany-Vangaindrano-Farafangana

We take the second stage of our secondary track through Maroroy, Sandravinany, Manambondro, Masianaka ... to Vangaindrano. But the landscape is very different from that of the first stage. This road leads us to landscapes full of plant decorations of cloves, peppers, coffee, vast rice fields ... The river ferry is never forgotten by this bad track. The river is Fady (forbidden) for the smell of orange like Manampanihy Manantenina, red clothes, gold ... like the Masianaka River. Follow your guide with his own explanation for the Fady in this place because we are in the territory full of ancestral beliefs. After Vangaindrano it is the asphalt road to reach Farafangana.

Day 3:Farafangana -Vohipeno- Manakara

Farafangana is a very pretty city full of coconut palms with its beautiful beach adorned with the mouth of the pangalana canal. You can swim at the beach. Following our organization, we make a city tour of this place for the morning before continuing our discovery towards Manakara via Vohipeno with this paved road well maintained.

Day 4 : Manakara –Ranomafana National Park

After our circuit of discovery by the coastal plain of the south-east of Madagascar, we reach the Montaigne full of humid forest of Ranomafana. Thus, the stages of the landscape always change along this road compared to before. Even the culture of the people and the structure of the village are changing. We are on the point very incredible with the richness of the biodiversity of Madagascar. That's why we make the stops for the night in Ranomafana to see the next day what is hidden in the virgin forest of the national park. Do not forget to do this tour because it is very incredible for you that the god has offered us. Moreover, the hotels in this place are very comfortable. Visit the Ranomafana National Park.

Day 5 : Visit Ranomafana National Park

Circuit to have fun discovering what is hidden in the rainforest. You can see wild animals like lemurs, birds, reptiles ... and different types of endemic plants in this national park. But its magnificent landscape is never forgotten.

Day 6 : Ranomafana –Mananjary

After breakfast in Ranomafana, we end our visit with a paved road to take the coastal plain to Mananjary with our 4x4 vehicle following our travel organization for this discovery on the south-east coast of Madagascar.

In the end, the guest is normally left at the Mananjary Hotel. That is why the client can organize his own tour through the Pangalana canal to reach Mahanoro and Mahanoro in Tamatave or Mahanoro in Antananarivo ... with the rental car or bush taxi by the paved road following his agreement with the organizers of the travel or guide to Mananjary.

We can also leave the customers to Fianarantsoa after the visit of Ranomafana if he asks us to make this other proposal following the condition of the contract of departure for this circuit. So, the road is Ranomafana to Fianarantsoa instead of Ranomafana to Mananjary. He can organize his own tour if he wants to do more to discover Fianarantsoa in Antananarivo or Fianarantsoa in Tulear or Fianarantsoa in Antsirabe and Morondava ... by renting car or bush taxi by this paved road ... with other tour organizer or Fianarantsoa guide. Make your choice and follow our proposal because we do a lot of studies to have all means possible following this organization of this trip to be arriving at the cheapest budget for the tourist to fully explore Madagascar!