Fort Dauphin to Anakao by south coast


Tour 6:Fort Dauphin to Anakao by south coast

"Proposed tour for 4 days"

Step 1: Fort dauphin – Visit of the Andohahela National Park (Tsimelahy transitional forest )-Faux cap

We leave the extreme south-east of Madagascar full of an incredible microclimate created by the sea and the different types of mountainous chains full of humidity before reaching the extreme south with biogeographies typically very different from other places. This tour takes us to see the Tsimelahy transitional forest of Andohahela National Park, full of different types of plants such as didieraceae ... the landscape and the natural pool before we finish our tour for the first day until Faux Cap .

Step 2: Faux Cap –vist of Cap Sainte Marie Special reserve -lavanono

Faux Cap is the best beach protected by sedimentary rocks. It is very interesting to swim after the trip by the tracks full of dust before continuing our visit of the special reserve Cap Sainte Marie and Lavanono.

But sometimes there are not many hotels here except Cactus Hotel. I will say that this hotel is not very comfortable compared to other hotels like Fort Dauphin hotels but we had no choice. In addition, it is very expensive because there was no competition.

At the end, we are at the southern tip of Madagascar with the meeting of the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel for the visit of the Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve. This thorny bush full of testudo radiata offers us at the bottom of the incredible world for our discovery tour of Madagascar. It is here that one can see the shell of the egg pieces of elephant birds already extinct from the 10th century due to the misuse of our humanity. The remaining memory is the pieces of eggs in this park.

Step 3 : Lavanono -Itampolo

Our journey continues; after this beach of Lavanono known by surfers, kite surf ... we take our course by the track with rocky, sand lined with dry forests, the tombs decorate with the horns of zebus and Aloalo (carved wood) , ... This tour brings us to make known our ancestral culture.

Step 4 : Itampolo –Visit of Tsimanapetsotse National Park –Anakao

Discovery is the basis of our circuits. That's why we try to see every possible way to see the incredible wealth that the god offered us. We visit the Tsimanapesotse National Park with its salt lake full of flamingos ... and the lake in the cave full of blind fish, the mother of Baobab almost 3000 years old, the dry forest full of lemurs and different types birds ... before to join Anakao